LiDAR system with Livox technology
LiDAR system with Livox technology

8 CM

Point Cloud RMSE @100m

150 M

Recommended Scan Height

190 pt/m2

Point density per m² at 10m/s

The LiDARit Sparrow is the LiDARit system developed from the LIVOX Avia technology, enhanced with the LiDARit technology and quality for greater precision and performance.

Its reduced weight allows great performance in the field, and together with its increased range it allows it to fly more than 130 meters above the ground and obtain precise results.

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Field performance:

50% overlap 18 min per flight

160 Acres

50% overlap 18 min per flight


1100 grams

1100 grams

TECHNICAL SPECS LiDAR system with Livox technology

The LiDARit Sparrow is very cost-efficient. It has a long range that allows you to identify objects over 200 meters high and performs circular scans with an aperture of 70° allowing you to scan large areas of terrain in a short time. Its light weight makes it optimal for drone scans, optimizing the performance of the aircraft.

The LiDARit Sparrow can be used in projects of:


Integrated LiDAR Solution

With LiDARit you will have a comprehensive solution to optimize your workflows. By purchasing a LiDARit system you will not only have a complete Hardware solution, you will also have a processing plan with LiDARit Manager. In addition, our staff will always be ready to support your requests and concerns, always guaranteeing the quality of our product.

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  • LiDARit One System

  • GNSS Antenna

  • Dron mount

  • Documentation

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  • LiDARit Manager

Know LiDARit Manager
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Postsale services

  • Personal training

  • One (1) year guarantee

  • Hot Swap

  • Worldwide support

Classified Point Cloud and Digital Terrain Model

Study case

Industry: Enviromental Studies

Proyect extension: 247 Acres

Final deliverables: Classified Point Cloud and Digital Terrain Model

Our partner had the challenge of conducting an environmental study for the design of a hydraulic irrigation system. With the LiDARit Sparrow our client managed to raise the ground to a height of 80 meters. If you activate the Digital Terrain Model and deactivate the Point Cloud you will see a river running under the trees.

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