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Get contour lines, point cloud, DTM, 3D Vectorization or specialized analysis in just a few clicks.

Are you a LiDARit Manager user?

Use our web service, upload your data and process in the cloud. The information is encrypted f rom end to end through our servers.

Integrated solution for data processing

Simplify your workflow with LiDARit Manager, save time and money and focus on adding value to your analysis.

Our software allows the processing of LiDAR data and gives you multiple deliverables with accuracies of less than 3.5cm so that you can optimize your projects.

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Non adittional Hardware and Software

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No initial investment

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No extensive learning curve

All in one

With LiDARit Manager you won't need a whole suite of software or powerful equipment to obtain your final information.

In our software you will find the whole solution, avoid long learning curves and you can process on demand or purchase one of our plans.

Data validated by experts

Our LiDAR experts validate each of the products to be delivered, certifying the quality and accuracy of the information under international quality standards.

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Precise information, reliable data

We know that the true value of the information is made by you with your valuable analysis, that is why we are committed to delivering reliable and accurate information, with margins of error lower than

With LiDARit Manager you will obtain final deliverables like:

-Classified Point Cloud

-Digital Terrain Model


-3D Drawing Survey


-Digital Surface Models

Be part of our community

By acquiring an integrated LiDARit solution you will become part of our network of LiDAR service providers around the world, where we can contact you with people who need to perform topographic surveys with LiDAR technology.

We also know that you have the ability to add additional value to topographic information, so you can be part of our partner network where you can request or provide additional data analysis services for different projects.

In our network, you will find some services such as:

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Hydrological studies and hydraulic design

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Timber product planning

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Power lines maintenance

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Irrigation system design

Interested in enhancing and exploiting your capabilities? Let us advise you so that together we can find the solution tailored to your needs