LiDARit Eagle X | LiDAR most advanced system of the market
LiDARit Eagle X | LiDAR most advanced system of the market

3.5 CM

Point Cloud RMSE @100m

140 M

Recommended Scan Height

79 pt/m2

Point density per m² at 10m/s

The LiDARit Eagle X is the most advanced system on the market. It is ideal for large-scale jobs that require maximum precision. Allows obtaining results with lower precision at 3.5cm flying at more than 140 meters high (Ideal for mountainous areas)

Its design allows it to be used in any vehicle. It also comes with SLAM technology included, allowing you to perform open or indoor scans.

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Field performance:

50% overlap 16 min per flight

250 Acres

50% overlap 16 min per flight

1970 Acres

1970 Acres

+35 Kilometers

+35 Kilometers


2500 grams

2500 grams

LiDARit Eagle X | LiDAR most advanced system of the market

With the 40 ° aperture generated by the field of view of each of the 40 laser channels that the LiDARit Eagle X sensor has, you can obtain, when flying at 140 meters high, an effective bandwidth of 300 meters, which allows you to plan flight lines every 150 meters distance, guaranteeing 50% overlap.

The LiDARit Eagle X is ideal for use in construction and power line maintenance projects due to its maximum precision.


Integrated LiDAR Solution

With LiDARit you will have a comprehensive solution to optimize your workflows. By purchasing a LiDARit system you will not only have a complete Hardware solution, you will also have a processing plan with LiDARit Manager. In addition, our staff will always be ready to support your requests and concerns, always guaranteeing the quality of our product.

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  • Dron mount

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  • LiDARit Manager

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Postsale services

  • Personal training

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Classified Point Cloud, Digital Terrain Model

Study case

Industry: Building

Proyect extension: 247 Acres

Final deliverables: Classified Point Cloud, Digital Terrain Model

This demanding project was performed out in an area of very difficult access, with large canyons and areas with a high density of vegetation, which made it impossible to do photogrammetry or conventional topography.

Flying 140 meters high, it was possible to obtain information f rom the ground, identifying canyons, slopes and even river slopes. You can activate the Digital Terrain Model and observe how without any problem the topography of the place was obtained, this being an area of a complex operation.

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