Technical Support

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Specialized technical support

We have a team at your disposal when you require technical support. Depending on the service, this will be charged or not.

Contact us using the WhatsApp application through which we can talk safely, here we leave the numbers.

LiDARit support benefits.

Constant update of the software acquired with the LiDARit system.

Advice to execute projects and operations in the field.

Be able to improve your LiDARit system at any time you want.

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This is a summary guide of the actions that must be taken into account when operating a LiDARit system, not taking it as a source of learning.

(In this section you will find the recommendations you should keep in mind when planning your projects:

When creating the flight mission remember to make the turns outside the polygon to be scanned, no turns are processed.

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Quick Operation Guide

To consider:

Instrumental height data and phase center variation L1, will be needed to be subsequently processed.

The data of the base antenna such as the coordinates of the georeferenced points where the antenna is positioned must be exact, otherwise it may affect the processing and deliverables.

  1. Identify and verify the georeferenced point.


    The georeferencing point cannot be outside the range of 10 kilometers of the area to be scanned, this may affect the processing.

  2. Place the tripod with the antenna at the georeference point.
  3. Connect the antenna to the Datalogger, then connect the Datalogger to the battery.
  4. Check the battery level.
  1. Configure the project in the datalogger.
  2. Press record.
  3. Check that the antenna is recording by observing if the recording time is growing.
  4. Check that the antenna battery level is enough for scanning.
  5. Wait 15 minutes before turning on the LiDARit system.


    Once you finish the scan and stop recording, you must wait 15 minutes to turn off the base antenna.

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