Power Lines

The information acquired with the correct density allows to obtain a cloud of points with the architecture of the trees and generate information such as:

Inventory of electrical towers.

You can determine the electrical planimetry, the location points of the high-voltage electrical towers and their height property.

Identification, mapping, and labeling of objects that generate interference with transmission lines.

Calculation of voltage values.

Critical measures for the correct tensioning of new lines.

3D Drawing survey of the electric transmission line.

Three Dimensional diagrams of the towers laid out tower to tower.

Information for the management and administration of the maintenance of the power line

With the information provided you can direct your maintenance team to the places where cleaning of obstacles is necessary.

Drawing survey map

2D and 3D diagrams of the elements that make up the study area according to the classification categories of point clouds (roads, construction, bodies of water, energy towers).


Digital terrain model (DTM), Digital surface model (DSM), Vegetation height model (MAV), Level Contours and RGB and NIR orthophoto.