Our systems are the best option in the market to do Land Survey

Our systems

Break the rules of the conventional

Our systems are the best option in the market to do surveying.

The best price/performance ratio in the market

LiDARit One vs Market Standard LiDARit One Market Standard Comparision
RMSE 50mm@50m 100mm @50m 50% lower
Max Range @ reflectivity (m) 200m @80% 150m @80%
Recommended Scan Height (m) 70m 60m 17% higher
Pulses-Echoes 1,260,000 1,260,000 Same
Weight (gr) 1,950 2,350 17% lighter
LiDARit Explorer R vs Market Standard LiDARit Explorer R Market Standard Comparision
RMSE 25mm@40m 55mm@40m 52% lower
Max Range @ reflectivity (m) 150m @20% 50m @60%
Recommended Scan Height (m) 100m 40m 150% more
Pulses-Echoes 640,000 600,000 7% more
Weight (gr) 2,000 1,900 5% heavier
LiDARit Eagle vs Market Standard LiDARit Eagle Market Standard Comparision
RMSE 25mm@50m 55mm@50m 45% lower
Max Range @ reflectivity (m) 200m @20% 220m @60%
Recommended Scan Height (m) 120m 100m 20% more
Pulses-Echoes 1,480,000 1,200,000 20% more
Weight (gr) 2,900 2,200 31% Heavier
LiDARit Eagle X vs Market Standard LiDARit EagleX Market Standard Comparision
RMSE 33mm@75m 30mm@75m 10% higher
Max Range @ reflectivity (m) 200m @10% 250m @60%
Recommended Scan Height (m) 140m 75m 86% more
Pulses-Echoes 1,440,000 500,000 188% more
Weight (gr) 3,000 3,800 26% lighter

If you know a system with better performance and lower price let us know and we will match the price and give you a discount on LiDARit systems.

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See what no one else can see

With our LiDARit system you can make a precise survey on the ground, speeding up and improving your project. Scanning small things that other systems don't allow you to see.

If you want to join the Lidar revolution,

you must have a LiDARit system.

LiDARit Manager our processing software

The best high skill co-worker for processing data.

Two clicks complexity to perform the processing

Just one click to sinchronize the data and another click to download the deliverables.

LiDARit Manager

Always by your side

We know how important it is to never let go o your projects, that's why we have hot swapping, sending you a system in 24 hours in case your system requires some repair.
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