The information acquired with the correct density allows to obtain a cloud of points with the architecture of the trees and generate information such as:

Information for the management and administration of the Stockpile.

With a periodic flight plan you will be able to obtain information on the rate of the volume of the collected material and the reserve areas, supported by reports.

Water runoff analysis

With the complete Land Survey of the project you can perform the analysis of the flow of water within your mining project.

Forest inventories.

With this information, you will be able to plan the expansion or planning of the application of your mining project reducing the risks of environmental impact.

Planimetry and information for mining planning

With the complete Land Survey information of the project you can update the mapping of your mining project and carry out the planning of this, and in the same way, you can help to improve the operation.


Digital terrain model (DTM), Digital surface model (DSM), Vegetation height model (MAV), Level Contours and RGB and NIR orthophoto.