Adjust any laser in a LiDAR system

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Mapping the world

LiDARit NavBox is a powerful system that makes the majority of lasers on the market turn into a complete accuracy mapping solution.

Fast and easy adjust of most of the laser in the market.

Automated Boresight calibration.

GNSS/INS Solution included (GNS Antenna is included too).


Constellation support: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO
Support Alignment: Static, Kinematic,dual antenna
Operation mode: Real-time and postprocessing
Accuracy Position: 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
Heading RMSE: 0.09/0.019° IMU options
Position accuracy: 1cm.
Roll and pitch accuracy: 0,003°
Data rate: 200Hz
Voltage main port: 19,5V
Voltage secondary port: 15-24V
Weight (with photogrammetry tool): 1400gr
Power Consumption: among 30 and 70W

We offer you powerful enterprises solutions after sale:

  1. .Annual maintenance program.
  2. .Hot swap available when repairs needed.
  3. .Enterprise warranty options with 1 or 2 crashes repaired or replaced annually.
  4. .Constant talk with our technical support and postprocessing teams to resolve any question or inquiry.
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Enjoy doing the things that you like, we take care.

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Software is included, which processes your data and delivers final products.

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