LiDAR technology to mapping large areas

LiDARit Explorer E

Shooting 360000 pulses per second with 2 returns, from a less 1 cm RMSE known GNSS position and with a 0.016 degrees heading accuracy, LiDARit Explorer E obtain amazing point clouds in a recommended flight height of 120m.Seeing details that no other system can see

The solution to great challenges.

The LiDARit Explorer E is ideal for demanding jobs in all terrains. Effective for projects requiring scanning large areas, being the most advanced system in its segment. Allowing you to survey an average of 80 hectares using an M600 in a single flight.

Point density (pt/m2) - Speed (m/s)
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35 mm

Point Cloud RMSE @ 100m

120 m

Recommended Scan Height

2,900 gr

Weight (with photogrammetry tool)

200 m @ 10%

Max Range @ Reflectivity


Pulses per second




Range: 200m(@10%)
Recommended Scan Heighta: 120m
Recommended Distance between linesa: 120m
Point Cloud RMSE @50m: 25mm
Point Cloud RMSE @100m: 35mm
Laser: 20 Channels
Number of echoes: 2
Scanning method: Mechanical rotation
Laser class: Class 1 Eye Safe
Pulses: 720k/s
Field of view: 360o*33o
Rotation rate: 20Hz
Resolution: 0.4
Point density at 70m (flat terrain)b: 139p/m2
Constellation support: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO
Support Alignment: Static, Kinematic,dual antenna
Operation mode: Real-time and postprocessing
Accuracy Position: 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
Heading RMSE: 0.016° IMU options
Position accuracy: 1cm.
Roll and pitch accuracy: 0,003°
Data rate: 120Hz
Voltage main port: 19,5V
Voltage secondary port: 15-30V
Weight (with photogrammetry tool): 2900gr
Power Consumption: 30 - 50W

We offer you powerful enterprises solutions after sale:

Annual maintenance program.

Hot swap available when repairs needed.

Enterprise warranty options with 1 or 2 crashes repaired or replaced annually.

Constant talk with our technical support and postprocessing teams to resolve any question or inquiry.

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Enjoy doing the things that you like, we take care.

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Software is included, which processes your data and delivers final products.

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