It’s the moment to agriculture to take the world leadership.

According to experts: “Agriculture Deemed Essential Business Amongst Statewide Closures” In the actual circumstances, the agricultural industry must have the responsibility of guaranteeing the feed of all humans beings. It’s a unique opportunity to implement technological solutions that help to obtain better improvements. The Agriculture and the Land Survey must always be side by side. By having a LiDARit System you could obtain precise and reliable information of volumes, soil, and slopes to the design and perform expansion of new crops. You could use this information to make better and more details analyzes to know your crop's needs and have better profitability. By using our systems you will be able to perform Land Surveys in terrains with different conditions in an agile, easy and precise way, that will allow you to:

  • • Have soil information to design new crops.
  • • Measure the crops growing, in order to have close estimations about the future productions, and also analyze the fertilizer yield.
  • • Design efficient irrigation system that use the minimum amount of water without affecting your crops performance.
  • • Measure the environmental impact of your crops to design projects that being environmentally friendly.
  • • Evaluate the foliage of the trees and their height to realize and know an estimated production capacity of each individual.

And these are some of the many benefits that LiDARit systems can bring to your projects, in order to make it more efficient.

You can know more about our systems in the following Also you can see an agricultural project made with an EagleX system in a rural area of banana plantations here Bananeras

Shooting millions light pulses, which collide, cross and measure the vegetation and ground; spatial, RGB and Multispectral properties of plantations are gathering.

The information acquired with the correct density allows to obtain a cloud of points with the architecture of the trees and generate information such as:

data lidar point cloud point cloud lidar profile

High precision survey drawings.

With the identification of channels, ditches, dikes, planted areas, lot areas and height and density per lot. With curves up to 10-20 cm intervals.

information per table

Growth maps

Differentiating by species and by age, parcels (or zones within each parcel) are identified in red below their normal development, in green those of normal development and in yellow those of development above normal. It includes the identification of overturned plantation areas. In addition, properties of height, density, and other statistics are obtained.

Growth maps

Identification of sowing lines and quantification of depopulation lines by lot.

Applies for early age.

Volume Estimation

Height and density information.

In addition, this content contains each georeferenced individual and the quantized count.

Individual count lidar

Vegetation indices per individual

Using only the vegetation pulses, and their NIR and RGB values, different vegetation indices are used for each individual.


Digital terrain model (DTM), Digital surface model (DSM), Vegetation height model (MAV) and RGB and NIR orthophoto.

marioPhoto 2
marioPhoto 1

All this data is useful in the area of Agriculture for:

Design of plantations.

Generation of indices of yield with the count of individuals.

Maps of depopulated areas, lines of grooves, density, volume among others can be generated, allowing greater control over agricultural work.